LGBT for R.A.C.E (Racial And Cultural Equality

A film that discusses Race and Culture in the LGBT community as it pertains to the Past, Present, and Future.

Documentary Screening

Wealthy Street Theater

1130 Wealthy St. SE. Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Monday March 21st 2016
Doors Open @ 7pm Film starts @ 7:30pm
To purchase tickets ($11) go to Wealthy Street Theater Click Here

A portion of all proceeds will go to the nonprofit LGBTCollege to help in continuing to promote multi-racial and multi-cultural LGBT equality.

How The Film Began

The inspiration that started my journey of making this Documentary was my work with LGBTCollege and trying for years to show people that while politics and legislation in the LGBT community is important, we also need to focus on the social issues that continue to separate us. Especially in a community that preaches equality yet we continue to regularly see the same type of LGBT person represented as if that is the dominate make up of the community. Sexual orientation and gender identity don’t discriminate so it is way past due that the community realizes that we need to do more to make racial and cultural minorities who identity as LGBT just as visible and represented in the LGBT community as any other LGBT persons.

Having no experience what so ever in developing a film I let my creative juices flow and found amazing people who truly supported what I was doing and gave their all to help me in my quest to make this film. I am hoping that their hard work and my dedication can be rewarded with people seeing this film and really thinking about their own lives and experiences and making change in the LGBT community to be more inclusive. In order for us to reach true equality we need to start not just caring about people who look like us but those who don’t as well.